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General Information

PDFVic is a toolbox for handling PDF files. It consists of 11 modules, each of which performs a specific task on PDF files. The execution of any task is carried out on the selected PDF(s) by the user, but these files are not altered in any way. Every time a new PDF file is generated:

PDFVic is written in the Python programming language. PDFVic DOES NOT INSTALL any type of software on your Operating System, as the script is created only as an executable. Alternatively, the user can review the entire source code of the script PDFVic[version].py by opening it with a simple text editor, or download PDFVic7i_EN_source_code

In the User Guide, you will find detailed information on the functionality of each of the described modules and how to use them on Linux, Mac OSX, or Windows Operating Systems. Please read the User Guide.

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