General Information

Gioconda's Keys is a downloadable Python application that allows you to hide text within a PNG or TIFF image. Essentially, it's a tool based on steganography. The operation is quite straightforward. It enables you to select an image, provided it's in PNG or TIFF format, and embed text within. You can also extract hidden text from an image if it contains any. The application is packaged in a compressed 7z format. You just need to extract it and navigate to the dist subfolder where the executable resides (remember that if you use Linux you must allow the file to be executable). Currently, it's available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • Linux: remember to give execution permissions to the script
  • macOS: Catalina distribution or higther
The larger the image, the more text you can embed without distortion. If you attempt to insert too much text, the application will alert you.

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